Cannabis as a Compound and Medical Cannabis

This week on CannaPod, the squad discusses something we have never seen before…cannabis as a compound. Vape this compound and you’ll want to conquer the world!

Of course when you discuss cannabis as a compound, you also have to talk about medical marijuana. One of our favorite guests we’ve had on the show so far, Josh Haupt, explains how medical marijuana was so influential in his life. What he has successfully done even stuns his doctors; he has completely replaced his epilepsy medications with medical cannabis.

Perhaps this is yet another reason he has become such a pro marijuana cultivator. He truly cares about the growth and health of the plant, because he understands and values the medicinal benefits. But you’ll never guess how long it has been since his first plant erupted from the soil!

If you want to learn more about cultivating cannabis plants, check out his website, Three A Light. They have the coolest website ever and even show you all the steps of the cultivation process. And if you want to try it out yourself, you can also buy their book and starter pack combo.