Why Does The Marijuana Black Market Still Exist In Legal Markets?

This week, we address and answer the mysterious question, “why is there still a black market in Colorado and other legal states? And how big is it?”

Is it because consumers still demand it? Or is it because home growers are still supplying it? What are the benefits and complications of buying and selling on the black market?

Our awesome guest, Tim Cullen of Colorado Harvest Company and O.penVAPE describe what impacts the cannabis black market has on the legal cannabis businesses.

And of course, we have a true, and honest product 5-star review of some marijuana mints. This particular brand has a variety of different effects, so you can take it at night, or discreetly, by day.

Our news for the weeks covers some pretty major marijuana raids and plant seizures across the United States. You’ll never guess how many plants they found in this L.A. raid. We also talk about the very popular, but very illegal weed delivery hoaxes.